I just want to agree with Jonathan Niederer’s May 27 letter suggesting drivers turn on their lights during the day when the trees hide cars in their shades (“Drivers, turn your lights on during the day”). He also suggests giving the car ahead a safe space.

I would like to suggest going even farther. Turn on your lights before you shift into drive every time you plan to leave the driveway. Doing that simple thing many years ago cut the Greyhound bus company’s accident rate in half.

Many vehicles have burned-out lights. Every so often, drive up near your closed garage door at night and try your high and low beams and turn signals. You can back up and check your brake lights in the reflection, or have somebody help you.

What is a safe distance behind the car ahead? The instructors at the seniors’ driving classes say a three-second space is good. When the car ahead passes a shadow, sign or bridge, start slowly counting. If you can get to three before you pass the same point, you should usually have enough space to avoid whatever happens ahead of you at any speed — if you are not on your cellphone.

Also, don’t blow the horn or your cool when someone invades that space. Just gradually drop back again so you won’t hit him when the car you had been following blows a tire.

And when you pass someone on I-95, take your time pulling back in. Leave that driver some room as well.

Harvey Versteeg


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