I am very pleased and proud to endorse my friend, Erin Herbig, for the Maine Senate, representing Waldo County (District 11).

Erin has served as a state representative representing Belfast, Northport and Waldo, and also served as House majority leader. She is experienced, thoughtful and hard-working.

Erin is a real people person. Her enthusiasm is infectious. She communicates well with people, and she wants to solve problems and get things done.

Erin is responsive to local problems, projects and groups. Small towns and rural areas need representatives who experience and understand their particular issues. As a retiree, a homeowner, a mother, a grandmother and community member, I appreciate Erin’s work to lower property taxes by restoring municipal revenue sharing and adequately funding public schools; offering student debt relief; expanding high-speed internet to rural areas; supporting a community college center in Waldo County; and supporting families with affordable child care, health care and paid family leave.

I have admired Erin’s support of local businesses, tirelessly visiting businesses (large and small) all over Waldo County. She listens, asks questions and offers support.

One important issue Erin has been fighting for is better access to services for our fellow community members with autism and intellectual disabilities.

I couldn’t cast my vote for a more hard-working and responsive candidate.

Diana Hauser


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