This is my take on the tax-cut hysteria in Waterville. It all starts with lack of revenue. And what happened to this revenue. Where did it go?

The largest chunk is represented by Waterville’s overload of property tax exemptions. Thirteen square miles, and a third of it is exempt. The benefit these no-pays provide is regional, yet only Waterville residents pay for them.

The second largest loss is Maine’s revenue-sharing obligation to municipalities. It is calculated based on 5 percent of general revenue receipts (income and sales taxes). It has been raided by the state numerous times, but the largest culprit is the LePage/Republican income tax cut. When revenue is taken away from the general fund, it necessarily is not there for revenue sharing. The pot has shrunk.

So, the people passed a surtax on income over $200,000, and Mayor Nick Isgro campaigned far and wide to negate the people’s will. That meant less money for revenue sharing. So much for the handwringing and angst of Isgro and his allies.

Where is the list of delinquent property taxes? Of people being forced out of their homes?

The cut crowd obviously has no guts for the real fight. Or perhaps some are active participants in this fraud, but this is the heart of the matter. It’s time, folks, to put up or shut up. It’s time to recognize the real issue and act on it. If you can’t walk the walk, why should you talk the talk?

Stephen R. Aucoin


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