Now is the time to act. I would like to see Republicans put their own interests and political aspirations aside and, for once, put the American people first. It’s time for them to be vocal and take a stand with regard to President Donald Trump’s lies, his coerced allegiance to Putin, and his inability to be a trusted and respected leader.

Trump is selling out our country to the Russians and is ruining our reputation throughout the world. By continuing to support him and not bringing the truth to light, the Republican Party is complicit in this ruination of our reputation, freedoms and liberties.

It’s time for the Republicans to stand up and do the right thing. It would take courage for your standard-issue Republican to forgo winning the next election in favor or standing up to Trump. It would, however, give those who do have the courage a clean and clear conscience, and the ability to sleep better at night.

Let’s really make America great again (without the red hats).

Brenda K. Adler


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