The president’s latest performance at Helsinki suggests, at the very least, his unwillingness to acknowledge his election could have been tainted by Russian interference or, at worst, borders on treason. Any reasonable American must by now see this man’s priorities are not in the best interests of America, rather merely his own.

How can his supporters continue to ignore how flawed he is? His petulant tweets show an immaturity, vindictiveness and divisiveness not seen before in an American president. Though he may be seen by the press and television hosts as clownish, his actions are no laughing matter.

The self-declared king of debt has created more national debt and wealth disparity with his outlandish tax breaks for the already wealthy while leaving crumbs for the rest of us.

For the many who are concerned about his erratic behavior and apparent lack of intellectual rigor we are left dumbfounded by his recent boast that he is “a stable genius.” All the while this Congress continues to be in lockstep along the dangerous path this administration has pursued. What will it take to rouse this country from its on-going national nightmare?

George Hite


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