With one month remaining, there is limited time to view the sculpture by nationally recognized artist Mark Pettegrow at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, 132 Botanical Gardens Drive in Boothbay.

One of several sculptors selected for this seasonal exhibit of bronze cast sculpture, Pettegrow’s work is on display through Oct. 14. Known for their garden displays and beautiful surroundings, the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens presents art exhibits by prominent artists from around the country and the world. The current show “Transformation” was curated by art consultant June LaCombe who has brought exhibits to the Gardens for more than 10 years. “Mark’s sculpture possesses the resonant balance and integrity of nature and offers a graceful focal point for a home and garden,” said LaCombe, a news release from the organization. “His work echoes the rhythms of waves and wind while playing with light and texture and I am delighted that he is returning his focus to Maine.”

Pettegrow has three bronze sculptures represented in the show: “Crest,” “Gyre” and “Arabesque.” Situated in the gardens surrounding the Great Lawn, they echo the mission of the gardens by inspiring meaningful connections among people, plants and nature. On daily walks on Goose Rocks Beach with his trusted sidekick Fergus the Greyhound, Pettegrow was struck with the constantly changing patterns carved into the sand each day by the tide, wind and current. Finding inspiration in the rhythms and repetition of these effects, Mark created “Crest” and “Gyre” as part of a new Tidal Series. “Arabesque,” with its dance-like gesture and movement, is an earlier but pivotal piece in Pettegrow’s collection. The sculptures are made in a human scale as opposed to a large architectural or small object scale, an important aesthetic element for Pettegrow.

To learn more about the exhibit and the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, visit mainegardens.org.

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