In the past weeks, members of the U.S. Senate were faced with the difficult task of evaluating Brett Kavanaugh. This process, unlike those before, was riddled with partisan issues and agendas. Senators tasked with this decision were faced with two intense sides. This required each senator to approach it with not only the facts in mind, but also the good of the nation as well.

I thank Sen. Susan Collins for upholding the system of justice that has given the freedom Americans enjoy. With her speech, Collins respected all those involved but did not cave to pressure from opposing sides. She looked at the facts, judged them based upon the principles found in the Constitution, and came to the decision that put the right man in the Supreme Court.

While Collins did not disregard the severity of the alleged crimes, she did deem them lacking evidence to affect the appointment of this nominee for the high court. She did, however, find the evidence of Kavanaugh’s meritorious service on previous courts and gleaming reputation both personally and professionally to be strong evidence in his favor.

The vote was not to be taken lightly, and I believe Collins made the right decision. Her professional yet impassioned words have shown her constituents that she is on their side, and will continue to stand for what is right even in the face of opposition. Even in the light of my previous disagreements with Collins, I applaud her reasoned approach and explanation.

Bob Emrich


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