OK, now that we have all voted for the candidate that we like, we all now wait for the ranked-choice voting to settle the winner in the 2nd Congressional District, Bruce Poliquin or Jared Golden.

Those that did not vote for either of these two voted for the person that they thought would do the job, and rightfully so — that is your right.

Is it right that your vote for a candidate other than Poliquin or Golden should be given to either of these two so that a winner can be decided? No. If you wanted your vote to go to them then you would have voted for them.

I wrote a letter that was published a few months ago that said, “If it is not broken then don’t fix it.” Why do we need the ranked choice, which makes it necessary to wait two weeks to find out the winner?

We don’t — just let the person with the most votes win. That sounds almost too simple, and I guess that is why we have ended up in this predicament.

Dominick Rinaldi Sr.


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