Many know that CoolSculpting is a body-shaping process that contours and sculpts the body by freezing fat cells. With that fact in mind, a common question Maine Laser Skin Care gets is, “Are the effects of Coolsculpting permanent?”

When people use the word “permanent,” they generally mean forever, or at least a lifetime. While there is no guarantee that CoolSculpting lasts until the end of time, studies have shown that the effects of CoolSculpting can last at least 9 years and counting.

In order to understand why CoolSculpting lasts so long and works the way it does, it helps to understand the process of fat loss and weight loss through which your body goes without the use of CoolSculpting. When you lose weight by diet and/or exercise, the effects you see or feel on your body (e.g. clothes fitting better, bulges decreasing in size) happen as a result of fat cells shrinking in size.

Conversely, when you gain weight, these same fat cells swell or increase in size to accommodate more fat produced by your body’s metabolism. In other words, during the process of gaining or losing weight, the number of fat cells in your body never actually changes. What changes is the size of the cells, and how much fat they contain.

In contrast, CoolSculpting uses a process called cryolipolysis in which fat cells are exposed to prolonged cold temperatures, and are destroyed without any harm to the surrounding tissues or overlying skin. After the fat cells are essentially killed, your body’s immune system kicks into high gear as it does with any injury to your body.

Fat Loss With CoolSculpting.

The immune cells collect the remaining fragments of the treated fat cells, and metabolizes these fragments. All these metabolites are then filtered out of your body over a period of several months.

Once the fat cells are gone from your body, they are gone for good. Also, your body does not manufacture new fat cells.

You are born with only so many fat cells, and fat cells never multiply or re-grow. Several research studies have shown that once fat cells are disrupted in a certain location on your body, you will no longer accumulate fat in that area even if your total body gains weight.

Following a CoolSculpting procedure, Maine Laser Skin Care recommends a regimen of regular exercise, maintaining a healthy, largely plant-based diet, and drinking large amounts of water to maintain your slimmer look. They make this recommendation not only for your body’s overall appearance, but primarily for your general health as well.

So, to answer the original question, yes, as far as science can tell at this point of time, and since CoolSculpting has only been around for the past decade, the effects of fat loss in the treated areas are permanent. If you are interested in what CoolSculpting can do for you, give Denise, Maine Laser Skin Care‘s experienced aesthetician, a call at (207) 873-2158 to schedule a free and confidential consultation to see if you are a candidate for this amazing non-invasive procedure.

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