We do not have the right to take away from future generations the opportunity to experience the natural world in the same way that we have had. Sitting in a canoe on a remote pond as the daylight fades, hearing coyotes calling in the distance, seeing fish rising for a fly, hearing the snap of a branch as some creature moves through the woods and watching the moon rise satisfies the soul as few experiences can.

Those of us living now will receive few, if any, benefits from ripping open miles of roads and brook crossings that will cause faster runoff and soil erosion in the area. Peace and quiet will be gone.

What we are obligated to do is to vigorously demand a more energetic development of the free resources of wind, sun and tide to produce the clean energy we need. We need to urge our governor to think again about what we will lose if we agree to the clean energy connect.

Every child born after this will never know how beautiful “it used to be.”


Joan Farnsworth


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