STRONG — Former Selectman Mike Pond challenged his seasonal contract with the town for renting six portable toilets, saying he did not agree to the same number of weeks for all six.

Selectmen voted 3-2 a month ago to accept Pond’s bid, which was not the lowest of three.

Pond said he never signed the contract before he placed the toilets at the ball field, tennis court, town park and town cemetery.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Pond said the contract he received after the placements was not correct because he had not agreed to rent each of them for four months. He said some should be from May 1 to the end of September. One could be left another month.

Board Chairman Rob Elliott said Pond did agree to the terms when he was at the Town Office.

Pond denied it.

“How can I sign a contract that doesn’t fit?” he said.

Pond also said he was not liable for damage to the toilets on town property, even though the contract states otherwise.

“When you rent a portable toilet, the liability is on you,” Pond said.

He acknowledged resident Hunter York had bought his portable toilet truck and had been doing some of the work.

“If you’ve already sold the pickup, he should have liability insurance,” Elliott said.

Pond said York was interested in buying his business and wanted confirmation that selectmen would let York continue the portable toilet contract.

Selectman Rodney Spiller said he would like York to come to the next board meeting.

“I would like to maybe sit with Hunter and Mike to see what we can come up with before we sign the contract,” he said.

In other matters, Selectman Rodney Cook told selectman custodian Tonia Boyd had a “fender bender” with her vehicle while doing town work. She has to pay the $500 deductible, but the town’s insurance will not cover the remaining $2,500 for the repair.

Selectmen said they were not aware of a town policy for such a situation.

Selectman Andy Pratt suggested if an employee is hired to do town work, he or she should receive a mileage stipend for travel and assume responsibility when traveling on town business.

Selectman Jim Burrill said the town is not liable if he had an accident driving to a meeting of the selectmen.

Boyd said she does not have access to a town-insured vehicle. She said she does not want to worry about further liability if she has an accident doing town work.

Elliott agreed to look into the issue further before the next meeting.

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