What makes an ideal legislator? A person who has strength of conscientious principal and a sharp intellect, and who stands up for constituents regardless of personal risk.

Let’s grade Sen. Susan Collins in these categories.

How many statements of “concern” over her party’s heartless policies and behavior have we heard, yet she has voted party line the vast majority of the time.

She has failed to see that she is being manipulated by members of her party: What was she promised in return for her lack of support for the ACA? A recent photo op with a diabetic child testifying in Congress fails to make up for abandonment of health care for Maine residents.

And how can she state her support for women’s reproductive rights when she consistently supports judicial nominees who stand for restricting those rights?

Is her lack of insight and backbone what qualifies as “moderate”?

Thank you, Susan, for your years in Washington, but it’s time to retire before your legacy slips further.

Deborah Patten

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