It is now time to call for the opening of an impeachment inquiry by Congress into whether Donald Trump  committed any treason, bribery and/or any other high crimes and misdemeanors, as is its constitutional duty (“Impeachment watch: Nearly half of House Democrats support inquiry,” Aug. 1).

The Mueller investigation is over. There were found to be at least 10 instances of obstruction of justice — impeachable offenses — and Robert Mueller himself has been quoted as stating that Trump has not been exonerated, totally or otherwise.

These facts more than strongly suggest that the president has exceeded his lawful boundaries by his conduct and must be held accountable, as to the mandates of our Constitution.

Speaking of which, the implication is there that no man is above the law, and that holds true for the man occupying the Oval Office, as well.

It is time for every citizen to become informed, involved and stand up for the law, as we are a nation of laws. That means contacting your congressional representatives and letting them know that this a matter of doing the right thing — and not being reduced to the expediency of politics as usual.

William Tibby
Mount Vernon

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