Nicholas W. Honas

A Hallowell man was subdued and arrested Friday after a woman with whom he was dining told restaurant staff he was holding her against her will.

Nicholas W. Honas, 38, was arrested by Hallowell police Friday night and charged with domestic violence assault, domestic violence criminal threatening and refusing to submit to arrest or detention following an incident at Lucky Garden restaurant on Water Street.

A woman who came into Lucky Garden with Honas approached staff of the restaurant and quietly asked them to call the police because she was being held against her will, according to an affidavit filed by Hallowell Officer Christopher Martinez.

Martinez responded at 9:13 p.m., approached the victim and asked to talk to her in the hallway. He asked Honas to remain at the table where he was seated.

The woman told Martinez they had been at a Water Street apartment, where Honas allegedly attempted to keep her from leaving the apartment. She said he grabbed her and forcefully held her on the bed, and stated he was going to kill her and then himself. The victim said the only way she was able to leave the apartment was by persuading Honas to go to the restaurant to eat.

As the victim was recounting what happened, Martinez said Honas “aggressively came over to (the victim) and I, interfering with our conversation.”

Martinez said he told Honas several times to go sit down but he refused, and instead attempted to leave out the front door. Martinez said he ordered Honas to return to his table, but he ignored the officer and stated he was going to go outside and smoke a cigarette. Martinez then told Honas he was being detained. Out of concern for the victim and his own safety, and because he was concerned Honas might flee, Martinez said he sought to put Honas in handcuffs.

“I attempted to cuff Nicholas, but he resisted,” he wrote in the affidavit. “After several orders to submit to the detention and him coming at me, I deployed my Taser and incapacitated Nicholas. It was then that Nicholas complied.”

Honas was arrested and taken to Kennebec County jail, with bail set at $1,000 cash.

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