I’m moved to comment having watched the president Sunday morning elaborating on the the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. It had already been reported by Face the Nation host Margaret O’Brien. With the mute button on, I monitored the screen while reading the newspaper in hopes of returning to CBS’ sane and civilized “Sunday Morning” show. No luck. No chance. Not with Trump – and certainly not with WGME, huh?

It’s been noted that his predecessor, President Obama, upon the elimination of Osama Bin Laden, took just nine minutes to simply advise the country of the event. No braggadocio, no chest-thumping.  No “If it wasn’t for me …” But that was when we had a commander-in-chief worthy of respect.

The elimination of the ISIS leader certainly merited “breaking news.” But the 40-minute self-serving diatribe by Trump, made as if he were there directing the operation, wasn’t. Sophomorically mimicking al-Baghdadi’s [apparent] final words was childish and cringe-worthy. Later that evening, D.C. and Texas baseball fans vividly demonstrated their displeasure along with most of the country by booing the president.

As is his wont, Trump watched the whole operation on TV — perhaps in pajamas — where he lives and governs via Twitter. He thanked Russia, Turkey, Syria and Iraq — only casually mentioning the Kurds’ contribution lastly.

Is anyone surprised that the focus now is “securing” Syrian oil fields? Blathering on, he sold the idea that his entire focus since his inauguration has been on al-Baghdadi’s demise. Nonsense.  Golf — and the demise of yet another cheeseburger — has.

Doubt not that U.S. Special Forces, intelligence and determination eliminated al-Baghdadi. They and others diligently serving our country around the world keep us safe in our beds at night.


Not because of Trump – but in spite of Trump.


Buddy Doyle