American voters should be silent no more. What the president is doing to America has to be stopped. He is a perpetual liar, a racist, and wants to be a dictator. What he has done to this great country is deplorable.

Many of his cronies face legal troubles because of this horrible person. We are no longer respected in much of the world. The climate debacle belongs to him.

Putting up fences around our country is disgraceful. What he has done by separating children from their parents should never have been allowed. No person should be allowed to have that much power.

The Republicans have turned a blind eye to all the harm he has inflicted on us. By supporting and letting him do all this damage, they have become as guilty as he.

This crook should be impeached and removed from office. Next time Republicans look in the mirror, they should take a real close look at what they have become. I don’t think they will like what they see.

This is and always has been the greatest country on Earth. I will dispute this with anybody. As Americans we have to do what’s right before it’s too late.


I am not a Democrat; I am an independent. In the past I have voted for the person and not the party.

Please join me in condemning what President Trump and his cronies are doing to this country.


Thomas Lohnes

China Village

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