I would like to thank George Smith for his wonderful column, “Halt CMP’s transmission line,” in the Oct. 23 paper. He describes the beauty that will be destroyed and forever lost if the CMP project is allowed to go through Maine.

I recently spent a week up in Rangeley and the foliage colors were out of this world. Seems as though they get more beautiful every year — or perhaps it is that I don’t want to lose this perfect untouched beauty which will happen if the CMP corridor passes through our wilderness.

One of the other things that made our stay up in that country very inspiring was all of the many, many signs everywhere with the words “No CMP Corridor.” We went up one way and came home another and it was the same, many signs along the side of the road. And I thank every one of you, from the bottom of my heart, who have placed them there where everyone can see.


Marilyn Rogers-Bull


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