As a Boy Scout, I recently went to the Bread of Life soup kitchen in Augusta to serve people in our community who do not have food resources. We provided to-go bags including sandwiches, salads and a dessert that were donated by local restaurants and supermarkets. We also served them a hot sit-down meal that included a hot main meal, salad, dessert and a drink.

There were many people who came in on this day. There were kids, men and women, and adults who were young and old. They were all very nice and accepting of the food and treated everyone that was serving that day with respect. Approximately 80 people came in that day, which was considered a slow day because it had stormed the night before.

When I went to the soup kitchen I felt nervous because I was walking up to strangers and I was not sure if they would react strangely to me but, once I did it, I realized that these people were grateful for the good food and said “thank you” time and time again.

I liked working at the Bread of Life and want others to know that they can help make a difference to end hunger by serving too.

Mason Pare, age 13

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