Two fellow neighbors who are health care workers are going to hospitals each day for their work.  I go to the grocery store and see the full staff stocking the shelves, working the cash registers. Most are not wearing personal protective equipment.

Even as many of us are “sheltering in place,” others are risking catching the novel coronavirus, because of our work in “essential” businesses.

How can we help boost their morale?

Here are a few thoughts I’ve come up with: Design a poster thanking our workers that you can place on your front lawns. Make a point of thanking these people every time we come into contact with them. Send postcards to folks who are keeping our essential businesses going. Drive to the hospital as a group when people are leaving their shift and flash our lights and hit the horn. Connect with a friend, neighbor or acquaintance working in an essential business and let them know how grateful we are. Make sure to tip the pizza delivery folks and those who rely on tips in their jobs.

As Mainers, let’s come together and show our appreciation for these folks. Pick any or all of these ideas or come up with your own to show your gratitude to the folks working out there who are putting themselves and their families at risk to do the work that needs to be done.

With gratitude to all the workers out there right now doing the right thing.

Emanuel Pariser


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