I’ve lived in Whitefield for nearly my whole life now and have known Chris Hamilton for about as long as I can remember. An early memory of Chris was of him dropping off a huge box of colorful textbooks that his kids, older than me and my sister by a few years, had used when they were homeschooling too. He taught me to milk a goat (which is surprisingly difficult) and bottle feed the kids. More recently I brought up wanting goats of my own and he laughed, saying that it’s hard work and how tricky they can be but that he would help me out if I wanted. That is something huge that comes into my mind when thinking of Chris: he is hardworking.

I have always seen Chris and his family as funny, genuine and charismatic people, so I was super happy when I heard he is seeking the nomination in my district. Although I’m only 17 and cannot yet vote, I urge you to vote for Chris Hamilton as I would if I could.

Chris engages with us. He asks questions and listens. He is approachable and open. I find these traits important to look for when it comes to candidates. It is essential to have people who you trust and agree with in these areas of political power and I believe that Chris is the perfect person for this job.

With COVID-19 being present I haven’t been seeing a great deal of people recently, but sometimes when I go on walks with my sister we’ll see Chris on his bike and will stop and chat for a little bit. It’s always a treat to talk to each other even if it’s from a distance.

Oliver Gottlieb


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