Gov. Janet Mills, Dr. Nirav Shah, leadership and staff of the Department of Health and Human Services need to be commended for the outstanding job they’ve done in combating COVID-19. Thanks to their efforts, Maine is among the states in the nation which is least affected by the coronavirus.

Gov. Mills and Dr. Shah have been targets of unrelenting, unwarranted criticism for acting unconstitutionally or arbitrarily. To the contrary! They’ve acted wisely, employed best practices, and made decisions driven by facts and science. Briefings by Dr. Shah, other state officials and the governor have kept the public well informed.

The Mills administration has proceeded the way responsive, democratic government should. The power of the state, if abused, can be oppressive. But actions taken to fight the spread of the coronavirus in Maine have been necessary and proper. I’m glad we’re not like other states which have bungled things badly and where the pandemic is spiking.

No one knows if and when the scourge of COVID-19 will pass away. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be likely anytime soon. However, for as long as the coronavirus still afflicts us, Mainers should count themselves lucky to have Gov. Mills and Dr. Shah leading the state’s efforts to control the pandemic. And we should all support them.

Tom Ward

Mount Vernon

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