I am a proud Air Force veteran. I get my prescriptions from the Veterans Administration and I have noticed a longer then average response time in getting my prescriptions delivered to me. I am writing this letter to raise awareness of the troubles at the U.S. Postal Service that have been caused by the current Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy.

This man owns a delivery company (XPO Logistics), which is a competitor of the post office. Is there a conflict of interest here? He is a Trump appointee with no experience in how the post office works. He instituted changes in the post office such as removing high-speed sorting machines and post office drop boxes and cutting back hours of work for the employees, which caused a great delay in the delivery of our mail.

It seems that these steps were taken to deliberately slow the mail service down and cause undue chaos in our elections.

We must ensure that the voting process is protected with all our energies. That is why we must stand and demand that the USPS is given all they need to run the mail service as efficiently as possible and not place political hurdles in their way to accomplish this.

John Upham


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