Devon DeFazio fell in love with boxing a few years ago, then took his passion to a whole new level.

The 16-year-old Waterville resident, who said he is inspired by renowned boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., made a makeshift boxing gym at his Water Street home. It’s common for passersby to find DeFazio going to work on his heavy bag, hanging in the middle of an unfinished garage.

DeFazio has future aspirations for a professional career, and at 6-foot-3 and 300 pounds, he already is an intimidating presence in the ring.



Q: What got you into boxing to begin with?

A: Oh, just a lot of mental stuff. My focus just goes to working out, boxing. Just learning new stuff over the years and putting it together.



Q: When did you first get into boxing?

A: Two years ago I started. When I was younger, I did a little bit of Kung Fu (workouts). And then I got into doing the (boxing) workouts about two years ago.



Q: What do you get out of boxing? What do you enjoy about it?

A: Just knowing it and thrill of it. The mental and physical fitness of it.


Q: What do your boxing workouts consist of right now?

A: The heavy bag, I’ve got a Cobra bag, bench press, curls.


Q: How long does a workout usually last?

A: (It ends) whenever the burn starts and then, and then you have to put yourself through the burn a little bit after that, when your arms (feel like) noodles.


Q: Do you have a favorite boxer that you like to pattern your game after?

A: I like (Floyd) Mayweather.


Q: What do you appreciate about Mayweather?

A: He’s quick, he’s been in (boxing) for a long time.


Devon DeFazio, 16, works out on the heavy bag at his home on Water Street Sept. 8 in Waterville. Michael G. Seamans/Morning Sentinel


Q: You’re 16 now, is this something that you’re hoping to do professionally down the road?

A: Yes, I’m definitely thinking about that.


Q: What do you think your strengths as a fighter are right now?

A: I have a heavy hit, and I’m quick, I have good coordination.


Q: Who is the greatest heavyweight fighter of all time, in your opinion?

A: One of my favorites is (mixed martial artist) Chuck Liddell. When he strikes, it’s hard and quick.


Q: In a dream world match/fight, who would be the fighter you would want to take on, and why?

A: In the (Ultimate Fighting Championship), against Kimbo Slice. Because he grew in the same kind of scenario, where he just kind of learned (fighting) himself, and then he got into the UFC.


Q: Either now or in your lifetime of being a fan of combat sports, what is your favorite boxing match, or fight, to your recollection?

A: I’m definitely going to have to say Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor (in 2017 in Las Vegas, where Mayweather won by technical knockout in the 10th round). That was a nice fight, two different styles.


Q: Do you do any other sports, or are you just into boxing?

A: I like football, I played for Lawrence (High School) for a little bit. That went good. I’m looking to get back into it this year. I love playing football. I get friends together, and we do our own little (pickup) games, get our own town games going.


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