I got to know Chloe Maxmin while working on a handful of agriculture and food systems bills. I was struck by how engaged she was during public comment. As I have gotten to know Chloe better, I am further impressed with her ability to work with anyone, regardless of party affiliation or other identities. She works hard, is a tireless public servant, and strives to find common ground among those she represents.

Even though Chloe is not my state representative, she has helped me with issues and concerns that I have brought to her attention. That kind of selfless dedication and responsiveness to a Maine resident is exactly what we need in a state senator. Chloe’s understanding of government and its role in supporting a healthy, resilient, thriving community leads to meaningful legislative outcomes.

Please join me on Nov. 3 and vote for Chloe Maxmin to represent Maine Senate District 13.

Ali Zipparo

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