Maine’s airwaves are under attack ad nauseum by New York Sen. Chuck Shumer, his Rhode Island protégé Sara Gideon, and others. With more than $24 million and counting, their allegations wildly distort Susan Collins’ record.  Repeating something thousands of times does not make it true. Gideon is now bought and owned by Schumer and allies.

Seniority is everything in the Senate. Collins is slated to chair Appropriations; losing that chair would be extremely shortsighted. Collins has been voted the most bipartisan senator seven times, another indication of her effectiveness and hard work. We need more like her in Congress.

Mainers must stand up to this attempt to hijack our election. Voting is anonymous and free; we should not be swayed or bullied by all that out-of-state money.

We must vote to re-elect Maine’s senator, Susan Collins.


George W. Ames


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