As an independent, I passionately support Sen. Shenna Bellows for reelection to the state Senate. She approaches the issues that Maine people face with attention to constituents’ needs, then votes with conviction after careful consideration and research.

Sen. Bellows has worked tirelessly with my family for many years to advocate for better child safety and improvements to the Child Protective Services system. Sometimes, she has to advocate for the support of her own party because the solution she is presenting is considered “outside the party line,” but she is able to command the respect of legislators on both sides of the aisle to succeed.

Sen. Bellows listens to the people of Maine with discernment and compassion. While we may not agree with our elected officials 100% of the time, I know that Sen. Bellows votes with integrity in the best interest of Maine people regardless of the issue.


Lia Angelini

South Gardiner

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