Deborah Emery is the best candidate to represent House District 76: Belgrade, Wayne, Rome, Mount Vernon, Fayette and Vienna. As a Maine public school Principal of the Year, she’s great working with people to accomplish goals, whether it’s budgets, new programs, or finding ways to get the most from available resources. She does her homework and always comes prepared.

Importantly for six towns with 32 lakes among them, Deb knows that our beautiful lakes not only provide us recreation, they are sources of employment and bolster the towns’ tax bases. It’s vital to keep them clean, clear and free of invasive plants like milfoil. Deb’s family has had a camp on Androscoggin Lake for years, and she’s thoroughly committed to using the state’s resources along with local efforts such as 7 Lakes Alliance to preserve our lakes for future generations. We need her representing us in the Legislature.

Please vote for Deb Emery on or before Nov. 3.


Lenny Reich


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