BATH — The Chocolate Church Arts Gallery will present “Hunting Positive,” an exhibition of writers and visual artists discussing the difficult times we are currently surviving. Fifteen powerful women’s voices will be assembled in a show featuring works on paper, installations, sculpture, and painting alongside essays and poetry.

There also is an interactive piece that gives visitors an opportunity to contemplate how they are coping with the stresses of living in 2020. The show will feature a walking tour in video format for people who are unable to travel to Maine due to COVID-19. The artists all reside in Maine, from Bath to Deer Isle, and Massachusetts.

Susan Webster, Susan Wilder, Berri Kramer, Elena Brunner, Deb Putnoi, Lorry Fleming, Leah Sugarman, Kathleen Raddatz, Penny Lane, Kathleen Bird, Laurel Wishman, Darreby Ambler, Kimberly Becker, Kristina Goransson, and Lisa Goren are the artists bringing their powerful point of view to the exhibit.

“Hunting Positive” is curated by artist Kimberly Becker of Bath. Becker is a feminist artist who uses her work to tell women’s stories. Her House Dresses and Roe House Dresses share the stories women need to tell of being marginalized in society for being female. In 2017, Becker was the curator of the exhibition “A Woman’s Place” which first appeared just outside Boston, and then traveled to the Chocolate Church Arts Center. It was an exhibition of work by 16 women that discussed the issues around being female one year into the Trump administration. The show was very well received in both locations, and was featured on the front page of the Metro West section of the Boston Globe.

Becker lived outside Boston at the time, and now resides in Bath.

The show will run through Nov. 18.

For more information, email [email protected] or [email protected].

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