Sen. Angus King has an opportunity to heal this nation if he is willing to do the unconventional.

He should announce his support for Sen. McConnell as majority leader; balancing power in Washington would be good for the country. It would ensure that both political parties control one house of the legislative branch. This would relieve angst for Americans fearful that one-party control of government would lead to a massive, unchecked shift to the left. It would help Sen. Susan Collins become chair the Senate Committee on Appropriations.

King could negotiate with McConnell for beneficial changes to Senate rules, including a guarantee of cloture rules and restoring a higher level of support for judicial nominations. This would help the Senate be the more deliberate institution the framers of our Constitution intended.

We have seen recent political pendulum shifts. Total Democrat control after the 2008 election led to the Republican takeover of Congress in 2010. Total Republican control after the 2016 election led to Democrats taking the House in 2018. Both times, majority parties overreached by passing legislation that was too extreme. A split of congressional power would lead to moderation of change.

This moderation of change would help stabilize our economy, giving some assurances to our small business owners. President-elect Biden would know what he is dealing with in Congress. This may affect Cabinet and staffing decisions that may otherwise be delayed.

I am a Republican, but I voted for Biden because I felt honesty, decency and integrity needed to be restored to the presidency. I am praying that Democrats do not overreach.


As the only independent senator who does not profess to be a socialist, King is the only person who can now provide a sense of calm to Americans who fear yet another gigantic swing of the political pendulum.


Donald F. Sproul


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