Regarding the Republican “compromise” $618 billion COVID-19 and economic recovery package, co-sponsored by Susan Collins, we should be aware of their real goal. They desire to appear to be doing something serious when in fact the ultimate goal is to slow down the economic recovery so they can use it as a club in the 2022 elections — when they’ll scream that it’s all the fault of the Democrats in power.

Former Fed chair and current Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has said, in essence, to go big and bold to get the economy jump-started. She’s said clearly that things will get worse if we don’t act boldly and decisively.

I’d trust Secretary Yellen to know what she’s talking about when it comes to the national economic picture and what’s needed, far more than a small cadre of Senate Republicans. We only need to remember how Republicans insisted on multiple changes that watered down and complicated the Affordable Care Act when it was first proposed, in the name of “compromise,” and then still voted against it and have been trying to eliminate it ever since.

We also need to remember that while progressives are fundamentally in favor of change to improve the lives of all Americans, conservatives seek instead to preserve the status quo — because things are really fine the way they are.

Hopefully the Biden administration won’t be fooled by this specious effort from the Senate.


Robert Nelson


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