I would like to invite you to join me and vote for Craig Hickman on March 9 as our state senator. Craig showed up on my doorstep many years ago when he was first running for state representative.

I was a staunch supporter of Pat Flood and I was very honest with Craig. He remained polite and even asked me what it was about Pat that had me (a Democrat) so committed to him. I also was polite and honest and told him Pat is a gentleman and a man of his word. Pat always learns about the issues that his constituents are looking for support on.

Craig told me on that that was the kind of leader he wanted to be. Craig has become that leader. He reads, investigates and studies the issues that are important to all of us. He shares his kind, thoughtful, caring personality coupled with his quick intellect to make connections with all of us and all the other legislatures. He offers his time unselfishly and will go the extra mile for anyone needing his help.

Craig has a way of listening that makes you feel heard and makes you feel like your words matter. Anyone who knows Craig knows he operates with a full heart of acceptance, love, honesty and cares deeply for his community. Our community!


Linda LaRue-Keniston


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