The waters in the Gulf of Maine are warming faster than 99% of the ocean. We now experience rain and ice storms every winter. Our moose calves are adversely affected by winter ticks; and Lyme disease, caused by deer ticks, is epidemic in humans in Maine. This summer’s freakily orange sunsets, caused by smoke from wildfires on the West Coast, were a reminder that we are all being affected by climate change.

The Build Back Better Budget, now being considered by Congress, is our chance to mitigate climate change by lowering carbon in our atmosphere. The Bill aims to build climate resilience and climate mitigation in communities that will soon be affected even more severely by fires and floods and ice storms.

The effect of the pandemic on Maine’s economy has been serious. The passage of the Build Back Better Budget will bring tremendous opportunity to the state of Maine, creating thousands of jobs in clean energy, and providing rebates for homeowners to weatherize their homes and install heat pumps. The bill provides for investment in public transportation and incentives to buy electric vehicles and will give us the opportunity to decrease our carbon emissions by 45%.

This month, please contact our House members, Jared Golden and Chellie Pingree, as well as our senators, Susan Collins and Angus King, and let them know you support this important bill, which is vital for the future of Maine, the United States, and our entire planet.


Sally Melcher-McKeagney


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