I’m in full support of Marci Alexander for mayor of Augusta. I first met Marci when I was elected to serve on the Augusta City Council. As a new councilor, I walked into many meetings on issues that had been before the council for years. Getting up to speed quickly has required me to look to my fellow councilors for guidance and history.

Thankfully, Marci has been serving on the council for six years and was more than willing to share her institution knowledge with me. But the reason I am supporting Marci isn’t just about what happens inside the council chambers but also what happens outside them.

In the early summer months, when most everyone was thinking about beach days and BBQs, my mother had just passed away. I was devastated to say the least.

Marci was one of the first people to call during that time. It wasn’t about the campaign or the policy issues coming before the council that night, it was simply to check on me and to see what she could do to help.

I believe that caring for our community means caring for each individual and the circumstances that they face in that moment. During the weeks after my mom’s death, Marci didn’t just tell me she cared, she showed me by coming to the funeral and checking in on my family.

I am supporting Marci’s campaign because I know she will care about everyone in Augusta the same way.


Courtney Allen


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