Brunswick parents are fortunate that Phil Potenziano is superintendent of schools.  The matter reported in the Kennebec Journal (“Brunswick fires football coach, cancels rest of season in wake of hazing investigation,” Oct. 7) is extremely serious and cannot be open to debate. No one should be subjected to abhorrent behavior nor should it be expected, excused or condoned. Superintendent Potenziano took appropriate action.

While only a few people were the actual perpetrators, there were bystanders taking videos and watching.  And there were adults. Elie Weisel, the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize winner and a concentration camp survivor, has stated, “When a spectator is seen by the tormented person, and does nothing, such indifference doubles, triples, quadruples the agony. Hope is lost; nothing is crueler. I believe the guilt of the bystander is at least as large as the tormentor.” I agree with Mr. Weisel.

Some parents are angry that their kids lost part of a football season.  I wonder what the young man who only wanted to play football has lost. I suspect that his losses are deeper and will be more long lasting. And that makes me angry.


Linda Williams


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