I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone that helped me and supported me throughout this mayoral election. My husband Troy, my family and our friends have been so wonderful with their kind words, donations, support, signage, etc.

I have never run for mayor before, and I can say that the campaign for mayor was an unbelievably positive experience. I got the pleasure of talking with so many wonderful Augusta residents. Thank you for inviting me into your homes, sharing your thoughts and concerns, and your time. What I learned was that Augusta is a city of kind people.

In fact, one night I was way out in a remote neighborhood. A kind gentleman (veteran) who saw me start knocking on doors in the neighborhood in day light, went looking for me after dark to walk me back to my car. One family even had me in for dinner. Thank you all for your kindness.

As the campaign closes, I just want to remind people to vote. Remember to vote for me, Marci Alexander. I meant what I said at your house, I will do my best to move Augusta forward.

Marci Alexander


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