This November we have the opportunity to elect a new mayor for the city of Augusta. We as a community will decide who will head the City Council and in turn, lead the city for the next three years. As we move from the COVID times and back to some normalcy, we have an opportunity to move the city forward and make changes to improve life for all who reside in Augusta. I can see no better person for the job than Marci Alexander.

Marci stands for all of the right things when it comes to “Moving Augusta Forward.” We as a community cannot continue the same old way of doing things. With fresh ideas and perspective, Marci has real plans to continue to build up our downtown, working outwards to Sand Hill and to the rest of the city.

Marci plans to make our city more attractive for young people to settle and start families. Making Augusta into a destination people really want to settle in leads to more economic prosperity for residents and business owners alike.

So come November, remember to vote Marci for mayor of the city of Augusta.

Ryan Dumont

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