Spending millions of dollars to make downtown Waterville a four-season walkable beauty is in our future!

The season upon us is winter. We want to continue to have our downtown walkable for our store patrons and clientele.

Sadly, at present, downtown winter sidewalk snow removal by business owners is sporadic and in some places unsafe as some storefronts are not shoveled out at all. Some building owners do a great job cleaning their store-front sidewalks. They clean them after every storm and use salt as needed for safety. Others do nothing about the snow and ice removal. Our concern is for the safety of our downtown pedestrians.

We need a safe walk way on Main Street every day, and that should include the city removal of snow from our downtown sidewalks! One path on both sides of the downtown sidewalks starting at the fire station and going south onto Main Street, then making a return sweep north on the other side of the street and ending at the old post office. This would make all of the downtown easily accessible and truly safe for walking on.

We encourage others to talk to city officials about this sidewalk snow removal problem.

Joe Richards

Jane Lynch

HeadQuarters Hair Styling


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