In the Feb. 20 edition of the Morning Sentinel, Maine snowmobilers describe being at the “mercy of Mother Nature,” who is not giving us enough snow for outdoor recreation. I grew up in Maine. I remember the winters of 10-foot snow drifts, skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, building snow forts and snow sculptures. I do not remember ice covering roads and driveways and the whole winter landscape.

If we would like to keep some of the snow that we enjoy for winter sports, let’s do what we can to mitigate the carbon emissions that are causing us to have ice instead of snow in Central Maine.

Human activity is responsible for the changes we are seeing. We have the power to do something about these changes. One of the best ways we can slow emissions that are changing our climate is to support a national carbon fee and dividend policy that will rapidly reduce emissions, help middle- and low-income citizens financially and speed the transition to better energy sources.

I volunteer with a national organization called Citizens Climate Lobby, whose aim is to get fair effective climate legislation like carbon fee and dividend passed. We are making progress. You can help. Go to where you can join one of ten Maine Chapters. Help keep our snow and avoid the negative consequences of climate change — for us and our grandchildren.

Bonnie Sammons


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