Climate change is the most significant threat facing our society. The dramatic increase in atmospheric carbon in the past hundred years will continue to wreak environmental havoc on our world, increasing extreme weather events, causing mass migrations of people, and threatening our food systems.

Conservatives, progressives and top economists are united in supporting a fair and expedient way to decrease our atmospheric carbon levels by 2050; specifically, to charge fossil fuel providers a fee per ton of carbon pollution that they cause, and return that money to citizens, via a carbon dividend.

This bill (H.R. 2307) provides the logistics and framework to start turning us around the carbon corner. The fee is imposed on the producers or importers of the fuels and is based on the greenhouse gas content of the fuel. The fee will be paid to the U.S. Treasury, then returned, via a check, to the citizens of the U.S.

Contact your representatives in congress to support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, H.R. 2307. Better yet, join your local Citizens Climate Lobby to become part of this positive change.


Barbara Bowling


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