The electricity rates that were negotiated in November of 2021 are out of the realm of sanity. My bill has gone from $76.23 to $232.28
Never mind those that can afford it. This does not mean they should have to pay it! For those in the low-income bracket they are receiving one-time credit. One time.

Go to or call 287-1394 to reach the Public Utilities Commission, which approved the rate increase. I urge you to call and log a complaint. It is not Central Maine Power that sets these rates. The commission does. Rates are submitted by bid, and then negotiated at competitive rates.

The three full-time commissioners are nominated by the governor, reviewed by the Legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Utilities and Energy and confirmed by the full Senate, for staggered terms of six years. The governor designates one commissioner as chairman. The commissioners make all final commission decisions by public vote or action of the majority.


Sarah McNaughton


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