With Putin/Russia we have shades of Hitler/Germany. Putin’s attempted takeover of the Ukraine has put eastern Europe in such grave dictatorial danger, one of our government’s sanctions is to shut down Russia’s and its oligarchs’ ability to export its oil and natural gas (it’s almost sole source of external income). Some of our more narrow-minded national politicians (not our four from Maine) want our government to open/re-open our offshore waters and government-overseen lands to expanded oil and gas exploration and production to compensate for this in terms of the world’s total production of these energy resources.

The U.S. oil-and-gas industry is looking forward to this possibility with great desire, but their problem is that they are so shortsighted as to see themselves solely as fossil-fuels companies, not energy companies, which they claim to be. They need to expand their horizons and more of their minds and energies into diversifying into more solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, and other renewable energy resources as they, hopefully, progressively reduce their fossil-fuels programs. The U.S. and other pro-democracy governments must continue their non-use of Russia’s and its oligarch cronies’ energy resources.

It continues to be important for all, intelligent, anti-fossil-fuels peoples to call and write their congresspeople to continue their efforts of communications with this industry’s leaders becoming real, multidimensional “energy” companies.

Bill Harmon


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