This year, the Maine Legislature has spent a lot of time discussing the emerging issue of PFAS contamination in our state’s soils, waterways and food chain. Known as forever chemicals, this class of chemical bioaccumulates and is now being found in produce, eggs and even milk. It’s a big problem that is only bound to get even bigger as we learn more about the extent to which this contamination is present, and while I am supportive of measures taken in Augusta to help Mainers through this challenge, it’s clear that support from Washington, D.C., is necessary to meet this challenge head-on.

That’s why I am incredibly pleased that Sen. Susan Collins secured $1.6 million through the federal funding bill for the Anson-Madison Sanitary District to install a treatment system specially designed to treat forever chemicals. This system will be larger than what is needed for just Anson and Madison, and can be used to help other communities with PFAS issues safely treat their wastewater.

This funding bill is now on the president’s desk for final approval. Thank you, Sen. Collins, for prioritizing the health and safety of residents in central Maine.


Rep. Jennifer Poirier


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