I’m writing in response to the May 13 letter to the editor by Fern C. Stearns of Hallowell. She has “tried without success to dent (the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife’s) armor” regarding IF&W’s refusal to allow swimming at the Jamies Pond hand-carry boat launch area. She wants to know why IF&W is “so determined to ban swimming at all boat launch sites.”

I have the answer for Ms. Stearns. I have been trying to “dent IFW’s armor” for the past nearly 30 years. In fact, I ran for governor in 2022, in part, to reform this corrupt agency. I received virtually no help gathering petition signatures. IF&W does not consider Ms. Stearns and other non-consumptive users to be customers because they do not purchase licenses or permits from the department.

IF&W caters to hunters, fishermen, and trappers, and as far as they are concerned, swimmers are not their concern, despite the fact that IF&W gets more than half its revenue from the general fund into which all taxpayers contribute.

IFW is in need of drastic reform. Unfortunately, the public doesn’t see or appreciate this corruption until they ask IF&W to be responsive to their concerns. It’s way past time to expose this agency for what it is. Do not expect the press, with whom IF&W is in bed, to do it.

We must reform all of Maine government. It may seem “insane” to Ms. Stearns, but for Gov. Mills and her administration, it is all about money and politics.


John Glowa

South China

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