We have been through so much lately, crisis after crisis after crisis. All this immediacy of events makes us dizzy. However, it is important to see a larger view; a longer view.

Of all these things and many more, racism has the longest history. From slavery to lynchings to deliberate voter suppression and much more, we allow this to continue. It is not just police shooting of unarmed black males. It’s about Buffalo, N.Y., and Charleston, S.C. It is about the legal system that has nothing to do with justice. It’s banks still redlining certain areas. It is about the history of the black folks who built the economy on their backs in the field.

When does this crisis end? Why do we continue to allow black and brown folks to be victimized by, yes, white powerful men? Why do we not call out this crisis, this cancer, for what it is and battle it like the scourge that it is? When do we make America “great” for once?

I am an old white man. I want to see this gone before I die.


Stephen Aucoin


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