I recently attended two talks on the Colby College campus. They were very interesting, they were free, and I found out about them at the last minute quite by chance while talking with friends who are affiliated with Colby. When I looked at the Colby website events calendar, neither talk was posted. Years ago, your newspaper carried a monthly column of events happening at Colby and I wish that could return.

President Greene and the city of Waterville want the central Maine community and Colby to be more involved with each other, but finding out about talks, theater, etc., is not easy. Sports schedules are posted but the Colby website is confusing to those of us not directly engaged with the campus. Perhaps Colby could offer us to sign up for a weekly or monthly email: What’s Happening at Colby This Month? There could also be updates on Facebook or Twitter for those who use social media.

I believe that many in our local communities would enjoy attending college level sporting events, musical concerts and many other wonderful programs that Colby offers, if only we knew about them! Thomas College could also participate with an Events Calendar for sports schedules, public lectures and business events.

Please, Colby, Thomas and centralmaine.com, make it easier for your communities to get to know and appreciate all that our local colleges have to offer! Many of us would love to learn more about these colleges whose vitalities contribute so much to the area.


Laurel York


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