As we have learned in recent days, the “big red wave” was a dud! The elections defied all historical odds given, the approval rating of a sitting president going in a midterm election, in the U.S. Senate and House races, as well as many state races, including our own.

My takeaway is that people are finally tiring of the bogus conspiratorial rhetoric that we have been subjected to for at least the past six years. I know that I certainly have. And, women and our younger generation appears to have had enough of the circus as well.

But of course, we still have the Trumpian leftovers to contend with which apparently, didn’t get the memo that the “big red wave” was a dud. If I’ve got this right, at the top of the agenda for the new 118th congress is to impeach a president for being a liberal, investigate his son as well as a public health official who did nothing but provide the public the most up-to-date information available on a novel virus to save as many lives as possible during the greatest health crisis of our time. Are you kidding me? Is that really their agenda?

Here’s an agenda that might be more appropriate and useful: hold hearings with corporate CEOs and ask them to explain why they and their shareholders are enjoying record profits at a time when Americans are suffering with food and gas prices and wondering how to heat their homes this winter. Isn’t that the definition of price gouging?

What on earth happen to the Republican Party I once knew? At this rate, 2024 looks very bleak for the GOP.


Gerard Austin


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