Thank you, Father Fles, for your wonderful column (“This Christmas, whatever your faith, find your house of worship,” Dec. 2).

I, too, was taught to believe there was only one true way to God. Though the church gave me much comfort during a difficult time, I frequently had a nagging inside that something just wasn’t true. I attended an Al Anon meeting and was told by some of my “ Christian “ friends that I should not go there as they referred to a higher power that wasn’t the true path to God.

Yet for the few times I attended, I found a faith so pure and authentic. I experienced true acceptance and love. It also enabled me to become more open minded to other belief systems. It was as if a shade went up on a window. I eventually left the church, again being criticized by some of my “Christian” friends.

This was many years ago. Though I do not attend a church regularly, my deep and abiding faith in God is ever present and I respect the choices of others. We all have our own journey on this earth. What is right for me is not necessarily right for another. During these turbulent times love and acceptance is so needed.


Toni Ramundo


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