My concern is why we do not have a roller rink here in Augusta. We used to have one where City Hall is, then it moved up to where the Chinese restaurant is now. There has to be someone out there that would be interested in running this type of recreational place. I know I am a kid at heart but I love roller skating. It is good exercise. I used to look forward to going. It is good for all ages and something that can be done as a family.

We are the capital of Maine and we should have more to do for the children — and us big kids as well. The roller rink was always packed with children having lots of fun. I loved it.

I think it’s about time for Augusta to have someone that would be interested in building a roller rink for Augusta and surrounding areas. It’s a recreational sport that would be good for all who want to get involved into not cost much to go and have a good time.


Sandra Folsom


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