Disinformation and lack of education are the root cause of what is destroying America. A good portion of our population does not know how to decipher the sources of their information or know the credentials of the author. They do not know how to tell someone’s opinion or commentary from news or actual facts. They do not have the actual full understanding of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, nor do they know how state and federal government are supposed to function. Being considered 17th by the OECD in reading, math, and science scores as compared to other developed countries explains a lot about us.

Right and Left both have much propaganda. Until social media, commentary, and news have some resemblance to reality, nothing will change. More choice of political parties would be a step in the right direction. Neither one we have is a good choice at this time.

China, Russia, and their allies are watching and gloating over our demise, waiting to reap what is left when both parties destroy each other. We will fall as Rome did, but in a short time in history.

Michael A. Poland, USAF (ret.)


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