I cannot stress enough to Maine property owners who are looking to have some construction work done in or around your property, either this winter or in the future; you need to do your due diligence vetting central Maine contractors before you hire them. Several contractors have screwed many Maine homeowners and local businesses out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Recently, a Smithfield man who claimed to be a contractor swindled multiple people in Maine, promising to do work and not completing the projects. My sister had a contractor who took her for thousands after completing subpar and not up to code work on a project for her; she had to hire another company to complete the work.

There are construction contractors in central Maine that have screwed over multiple local businesses out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, declared bankruptcy and continue to operate. Do your part, check the Bankruptcy Court website, contact your local building supplier and inquire about these contractors before you hire them. Many of these local building supply businesses will advise you to stay clear and speak to guaranteed professional and reputable contractors who will know where to point you in the right direction if they are unable to assist you.

Dana Knight


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